Facebook Launches Their Own Ephemeral Photo App, Slingshot


Here are some reviews and explanations from various press on the new ephemeral photo/video app, Slingshot, released by Facebook today.

The Verge

"In Snapchat or any other messaging app, you can view a message as soon as you receive it. But in Slingshot, you can’t view an incoming 'shot' until you send a shot back to the sender. 'It’s not just about telling your story, it’s about asking others for their story,' says Slingshot designer Joey Flynn. In other words, Slingshot makes you trade a photo of what you’re doing before you can 'unlock' the picture of whatever your friend is up to." 

NY Times

"You take a photo or shoot video with your smartphone camera and have the chance to add a message or draw on the image, adding an imaginary hat, perhaps, or funny ears. Then you check the other Slingshot users you want to send it to and 'sling' it into the ether.

That act unlocks any images sent to you by those people that you have not yet seen. You can flip through them and even send a quick response on a split screen. However, once you have flicked away from the image or video, it’s gone. (The person who shot the photo can save it on the phone’s camera roll. And as with Snapchat, savvy recipients can use their phones’ screenshot features to save the file. But the intention is to make it disappear."

Tech Crunch

"While it might seem tough for Facebook to shatter the 1% Rule, it’s not impossible. Instagram did it by making artful creation so easy that everyone shares. Slingshot enters a much more crowded space. But if it can ditch the idea that slings have to be beautiful or even funny and make people comfortable just sharing random clips of their lives, we might keep shooting."