'Sharing Cultural Jewels via Instagram' by Leslie Kaufman

 Zach Glassman as @Zachspassport

Zach Glassman as @Zachspassport

"The rapid rise of social media has created many unusual alliances, but few are more curious than those the bushy-bearded Mr. Krugman has formed with some of the leading cultural institutions in New York. He has earned his V.I.P. access because he is helping them — free of charge — build their profiles on Instagram, an app for sharing photos and videos...

...Leveraging his nearly 50,000 followers at @dave.krugman and a deep network of influential photographers using Instagram, Mr. Krugman has become a go-to guy for New York libraries and museums. The New York Public Library, the Metropolitan Museum and the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum, among others, have all used Mr. Krugman to find their voices on Instagram and attract a coveted younger demographic.

'I just have a belief in the platform,' Mr. Krugman said. 'So as smartphones democratized photography,  I was able to quickly see the opportunity for institutions to connect with a whole new generation of creative minds and was excited to help them harness the power...'

...Now #emptymet tours occur almost monthly. Mr. Krugman has led about a half-dozen of them, with the balance being run by other Instagram users from across the world who lobbied the museum for special access. The Metropolitan Museum’s main account, less than 18 months old, now has over 170,000 followers."

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