'CamFind Wants To Be The Google Of Visual Search But There’s Just One Thing To Overcome' by Sanna Chu in iDigitalTimes

"CamFind, as one of the top visual search tools, is poised to be the leader in this new mode of search. CamFind’s image recognition technology that powers its flagship visual search app, CamFind, as well as its recently announced public API, CloudSight, is scarily accurate. Rather than typing out a search query, users just snap a picture of whatever they’re looking at and the  app will identify the object and give users relevant information about it.

So instead of typing “eggplant recipes” into a search bar, CamFind users can just take a picture of the vegetable at a grocery store and be presented with the same information. But if CamFind works, why isn’t visual search the norm yet? According to Brad Folkens, CamFind’s chief technology officer and co-founder, it’s only a matter of time."

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