'Nikon Predicts Future of Photography Where Cameras Adapt to Changing ‘Ambience’ ' by Chris Cheeseman in Amateur Photographer


"Nikon says new sensory technology could change how we see and experience images, after it commissioned a report into the future of photography in the coming decades, and how these trends will ‘shape consumers’ day-to-day lives’.

Commenting on the findings of the Future of Imaging report, a Nikon spokesman said: ‘One of the key trends from the report was “contextualised cameras” and that we will see a new generation of sensor technologies that will enable future cameras to read the external ambience of a moment – the lighting, the sounds, the temperature – and match it to the internal emotion someone is trying to convey in an image.’

Such cameras, adds Nikon, ‘will adapt to the situation being photographed, by enhancing certain colours, tones, exposure and contrast levels to reflect and enhance the emotion of the image as the photographer intended’."

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