'Where Are The Ethics? Surgeon Posts Pictures of Patient's Internal Organs On Facebook' in First Post

"The plight of 45-year-old Mohammad Faizal is understandable. Already tormented by a tumour in his heart which was fortunately removed, he was put in a rather uncomfortable situation  by his very own surgeon.

The surgeon ad posted pictures of Faizal's innards on Facebook much to his shock. According to The Times of Indiathe doctor in concern later apologised and removed the pictures from the social media forum.

By uploading the images, the doctor had grossly violated the privacy of his patient although he abstained from giving out his name. It was trauma for Faizal as some poked "fun" while commenting on the images.

The incident throws light on a much larger question on the distribution of clinical photography on social media. The surgeon did not mention Faizal's name anywhere but it was clearly not helpful."

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