'Apple Wants You To Be Able To Unlock Your iPhone With A Selfie' by Rob Price in Business Insider

"iPhone passcodes and fingerprint scans may soon be obsolete: Apple has been granted a patent that lets users unlock and secure their phones with a selfie, Re/code reports.

US Patent No. 8,994,499 is titled "locking and unlocking a mobile device using facial recognition," and would let users unlock their devices by taking a photo of their face to prove who they are. It's a biometric alternative to Touch ID, Apple's fingerprint scanner.

Of course, facial recognition security isn't new — it has been available as an option for Android for years. And more recently, Jack Ma — founder of online retailer Alibaba — debuted selfie-powered mobile payments. The "Smile To Pay" will let users pay for goods using their device using facial recognition to authenticate their identity."

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