'Photos: Getty Images is using Instagram to find photographers in underrepresented communities' by Sonali Kohli in Quartz

"A year after Sheryl Sandberg added “Lean In” photos to the Getty Images’ largely homogenous folio of stock photos to show realistic portrayals of women, Getty is entering another partnership to diversify its catalog. This one is a collaboration with Instagram, seeking photographers who use the social media platform to document underreported communities. The three winners will each receive $10,000.

Journalists are often criticized for parachuting into situations when a news story reaches its extreme, rather than telling a community’s stories in full and over time. That’s part of what the grant aims to address, says Elodie Mailliet Storm, Getty’s senior director for content partnerships.

“We’re always trying to find authentic voices and support these voices, and… not necessarily portray the world through conflict,” Storm says. “Ways to show real, if you will, everyday life, from more of a local perspective.” "

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