'After Arrests, Quandary for Police on Posting Booking Photos' by JESS BIDGOOD in The New York Times

 Photograph by: Oliver Parini

Photograph by: Oliver Parini

"SOUTH BURLINGTON, Vt. — Sheena Foley was stunned and chagrined last month when a traffic violation — she had rolled through a stop sign while driving without a current license, she said — led not just to an arrest but to public embarrassment: The Police Department here posted her booking photograph on its Facebook page.

“I actually felt like I was a murderer or selling drugs or something,” Ms. Foley, 28, said. “Are they doing this because they think if they put your picture up you won’t do it again?”

For years, the department had posted every booking photograph on Facebook, hoping to keep the city informed. Some images drew venomous comments, often directed at the accused, before that function was turned off."

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