'In Tourist Destinations, a Picture of Excess' by DOREEN CARVAJAL in The New York Times

 Photograph by: Samuel Aranda

Photograph by: Samuel Aranda

"MAGALUF, Majorca — For a holiday photograph from this resort town on the island of Majorca, two tourists wiped a drunken friend’s face clean with a crumpled flier advertising a deal for all-you-can-drink cocktails. Then they hoisted his sagging body upright between them while another buddy clicked away with a smartphone.

No one paid much attention on the Punta Ballena, a neon-lit strip of bars, nightclubs, kebab joints and shops with names like Sorry Mom Tattoo. Then again, the parade of passers-by was not the intended audience. More important was to impress the folks back home by transforming a wild evening in Magaluf into a viral post on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

From posing naked at Machu Picchu to filming their dives from hotel balconies into courtyard swimming pools, travelers across the world have been indulging in what officials and travel experts describe as an epidemic of narcissism and recklessness, as they try to turn vacation hubs and historic sites into their personal video and photography props."

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