"The Tyranny of Other People’s Vacation Photos" by HENRY ALFORD in The New York Times

"What prompts the excessive posting of these pictures?

William Haynes, a 22-year-old comedian who hosts the SourceFed show 'People Be Like,' said: 'I like how my generation is all about sharing. What’s the point of having a vacation unless you can tell people about it immediately? If you can get a few Instagram photos out of it, you’ve made your money back.'

Indeed, the motivation behind many fahvolous vacation photos would seem to be a rationalization of large expenditures for the purpose of recreation: a $6,000 beach rental ought to bring you $6,000 worth of pleasure, and maybe posting a photo will get the dopamine flowing.

But one can detect other motives, too: a tone-deaf attempt at self-branding, a neurotic attempt to thank your host, a need for constant scrutiny."

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