'Why Instagram is Good for the Arts' by Madeline Felix on Aljazeera America


"It’s easy to dismiss Instagram as the playground of voyeurs and those afflicted by FOMO ('fear of missing out'). Recently, Alex Williams of The New York Times highlighted the symptoms and effects of 'Instagram envy,' and even went so far as to suggest that it 'may turn out to be an epidemic with no cure.' However, Williams focuses mainly on the travel-porn, food-porn and Rockwellian family portraits (family porn?) that regularly besiege our feeds. While Instagrammed images of art exhibits or performances may initially smack of the same brand of voyeurism, they also allow for something deeper: a relationship and conversation between artist and observer, and an invitation to a third outsider to seek the work directly. When it comes to Instagramming art, the little square box, filtered or not, serves as more than a window: it’s an entryway."

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