'Lucas Samaras: Father of the Selfies' by Michael Skafidas on Huffington Post

 Photo by Lucas Samaras

Photo by Lucas Samaras

From the Huffington Post:

"Michael Skafidas: Are you surprised that 55 years after your breakthrough in New York, the 'selfies,' addicted as they are to Instagram, are manifesting an obsession with the self-image that has always been your trademark fixation?

Lucas Samaras: Yes, but there is one slight difference -- that I am a professional and they are amateurs. I come from an art tradition, so there is a certain aesthetic desire to make it look good, whereas the so-called selfies could not care less whether it looks nice or not. They can do anything they want because it’s a different world. It’s almost like Sunday painting. There is a stage in art that you have to pass where if you are an amateur, magically you become a great professional. Instagram people could not care less about this transition. There is no self-criticism from an artistic point of view. A few perhaps pretend to be artistic. Out of those, it’s possible to get somebody who becomes a legitimate photographer with style, even though at the moment there is a style of no style."

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