'Future of Photobooks Discussion: How should photobook CONSUMPTION evolve in this decade?' Moderated by Todd Walker on Resolve

"Some of the most interesting suggestions from contributing Future of Photobooks bloggers addressed changes in the way photobooks are 'consumed' (the best word we could find to encompass 'read,' 'viewed,' and 'watched').

Here are a few of their predictions for what it might be like to look through a photobook in ten years:

Images accompanied by audio of the photographer describing the work,their personal vision, and the way the images were made. 'It will be like a museum tour where you have your own personal guide,' explains Tomas Ovalle at The PhotoOracle.

Jin Zhu at Shooting Wide Open wishes that photobooks could be more likeMcSweeney’s publications, arriving with physical goodies like pullout posters, photo postcards, and maps, as well as digital goodies like audio interviews with the subject or 'making of' videos on an accompanying DVD or USB.

Shane Godfrey and Nick Turpin both suggested a symbiosis between digital, physical, and downloadable versions of a book. From Nick’s post on sevensevennine: 'I can see the printed and digital elements of PUBLICATIONcomplimenting each other in this way as we go forward, the printed magazine on sale for six months whilst the essays from previous editions are archived and made available online.'"

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