Oliver Lang on Photography, www.Time.com

"LightBox: What’s mobile photography, in your mind?

Oliver Lang: Mobile photography is photography. Though if you say that mobile photography is only photography it’s like saying there’s no difference between driving a car or catching a bus, it’s just transport, right? Yet the actual experiences are vastly different. No one questioned the name 'mobile phone' when it was used compared to a fixed line phone. Over the last few years as mobile photography became the photographic experience of hundreds of millions of people across the world it was often called the death of photography, or worse. Today we discuss mobile phones in terms of megapixels and screen resolution, and I believe that mobile photography isn’t the death of photography, it is the death of the phone. A generation of professional photographers will appear from the impact of mobile photography, and true professionals will adapt and find ways to work within the new visual environment."

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