'Why Image Recognition Is The Tech World's Next Big Thing' in Wall St Cheat Sheet

'A wide variety of web companies — including some of Silicon Valley’s biggest — can envision ways that deep learning and image recognition capabilities could improve their platforms, and the services that they offer to users. Olga Russakovsky, a Stanford PhD candidate who reviewed the annual results of the ImageNet Large Scale Visual Recognition Challenge in a recent paper, wrote that while current computer vision algorithms still struggle to identify objects that are small or thin in photographs, or images distorted with filters, it won’t be long before the technology is more efficient at analyzing images than we are. “It is clear that humans will soon outperform state-of-the-art image classification models only by use of significant effort, expertise, and time.”

Tech-savvy Internet users should expect to hear more about image recognition methods and tools in the near future — and to see their favorite websites and apps growing smarter and more sophisticated in the way they handle images and all of the information contained within them.'

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