'Instagram Filters: Latest Trend Driving Plastic Surgery' in SkinInc.com

"According to plastic surgery clinic Beverly Hills Physicians (BHP), men and women are inquiring about plastic surgery after Instagram filters reveal the best versions of themselves.

Several months ago, social media users swarmed around a report from the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstr­uctive Surgery that explained how plastic surgeons had seen an uptick in requests for facial plastic surgery procedures due to people wanting to look better in selfies. Now, top-notch facilities, like BHP, are also seeing increased patient inquiries that some attribute to the use of filters on Instagram.

Instagram filters are a way for people to instantly see a better version of themselves with a swipe of their smartphone. Now these Instagram filters are used so often, people regularly see the potential for beauty, and come to a plastic surgeon with questions about how to achieve that look. And, it’s important to note that this idea of being able to see the best version of oneself fits with the core idea of plastic surgery."

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