'Selfie Sticks and Other Selfie Gear Go Mainstream' by Mike Hendricks in The New York Times

"We simply can’t see enough of ourselves, or so it would seem from today’s selfie craze.

Twitter declared 2014 the year of the selfie, and 2015 is shaping up as the year selfie gear for smartphones goes mainstream, with items as diverse as selfie-shooting tools and novel ways to display those images — even burned onto a piece of breakfast toast.

Out in front, by more than an arm’s length, is the selfie stick.

Many of us saw President Obama wielding one in a recent video. And news accounts have told of museums and some sports venues banning their use, for fear something or someone will get poked.

Despite all the buzz and ridicule these devices have prompted, the monopod for smartphones is not all that easy to find in stores in the United States."

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