'Hipstamatic Unveils DSPO, Its New Social Photography App For iOS' by Catherine Shu in Tech Crunch

"Apps now let you imitate almost every kind of photography invented, from tintypes to disposable cameras. With all the tools out there, it’d be understandable if developers cried surrender and instead turned their focus to, say, stickers. Smartphone photography stalwart Hipstamatic, however, is trucking on with the release of iOS app DSPO.

DSPO lets you take photos with a group of friends, but doesn’t let you see any of the snaps until after a timer runs out. Until then, you can send your buddies clues about what the pics show, including where it was taken and its “mood” (happy, sad, etc).

. . .

“If you’re at a concert and the band tweets out a link to their camera for the show, everyone can contribute and you’ll get the event from all different angles. This works for weddings, festivals, camping trips. It’s the desire to want to be part of the camera that will get people to download,” says Mario Estrada, Hipstamatic’s vice president of special projects."

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