'Case 8: Renegade misuse of stock photo by N.Y. Daily News creates classroom from Hell' by Thomas Palmer in Times Union

"The use of subscription-based stock photography has proliferated while contributions by newsroom photo staffs have decreased due to downsizing. Online producers welcome the offerings from Fotolia, Shutterstock and Getty Images to populate story article pages and teaser carousels. But the overuse of these images, along with aberrant captioning, threaten editorial integrity.

The New York Daily News leads the pack in transforming this generic stock photo (below) into the deviant classroom from Hell with its false narrative captioning and selection for six different online stories. Six times is a lot of bang for the stock image buck. With Wilson Hicks’ X factor boosting the third meaning of the picture and caption, online readers are misled into believing this is ground zero for several newsmaking events."

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