''You need to give me your phone' -- Camera restrictions in legislative hearings spur debate' by Kevin McDermott in STL Today

"Eventually, “the doorman tapped me on the shoulder and said, ‘You need to give me your phone,’” said Haun.

“So he took my phone.” She said when he later offered it back to her outside the committee room, she told him that she intended to go back in and take more pictures with it. “So he said I wasn’t allowed back in the room.”

The confrontation may sound minor. But it’s part of a wider debate already on its way to court before Monday’s controversy, with Parson himself as a co-defendant: Are Missouri lawmakers illegally limiting the public’s view of what they do, under the guise of maintaining decorum?

Progress Missouri filed suit last month claiming that Parson and fellow senators Mike Kehoe and David Sater have routinely violated the Missouri Sunshine Law by arbitrarily barring audience members from taking pictures and videos during hearings, and that a Senate rule is “overly broad” in giving them the power to do it."

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