'A lesson in media literacy' by İBRAHIM ALTAY in Daily Sabah

"Media has commercial activities and its products are part of a work plan. Therefore, media organizations have to make a profit. With this in mind, several other questions pop up. Who pays for products of the media? Which economic actors or structures support this business? How are producers, writers, directors, reporters, cameramen and editors affected by economic relations?

When we start to find answers to these questions, only reality becomes apparent to us. Inevitably media is both ideological and manipulative. Media workers are aware that the content and its message they produce has an ideological background and they make their preparations accordingly. All of us indeed live in the same world, but we all look at it from different perspectives in order to make sense of it. This interpretation gives birth to assumptions and values, with all of us viewing the world with subjective criteria. Unfortunately, media has a large part in it."

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