'On Broadway' by Daniel Goddemeyer, Moritz Stefaner, Dominikus Baur, & Lev Manovich

"Like a spine in a human body, Broadway runs through the middle of Manhattan Island curving along its way. We wanted to include a slightly wider area than the street itself so we can capture also the activities nearby. To define this area, we selected points at 30 meter intervals going through the center of Broadway, and made 100 meter wide slices centered on every point. The result is a spine-like shape that is 21,390 meters (13,5 miles) long and 100 meters wide. We used the coordinates of this shape to filter the data we obtained for all of NYC, as described below.

Instagram images and their data (locations, date and time, tags, and descriptions) were downloaded in Manovich’s lab in real time over 158 days in 2014. For Google Street View images, we were limited to the times Google photographed the Broadway. All other data sources are used to calculate averages per Broadway area, and therefore in some cases we used longer periods when such data was available.

Image and data include 660,000 Instagram photos shared along Broadway during six months in 2014, Twitter posts with images, Foursquare check-ins since 2009, Google Street View images, 22 million taxi pickups and drop-offs in 2013, and economic indicators from US Census Bureau (2013)."

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