'New York : Ron Diorio at Peter Hay Halpert Fine Art' by La Rédaction / The Staff in l'Oeil de la Photographie

"Better Days is a series of twenty-three photographs taken over a ten-year period in an array of locations including New York City, London and Delhi. Diorio photographs with a cell-phone camera. However, unlike the ubiquitous cell-phone pictures that we’ve all become accustomed to, Diorio is working with one of the earliest model phones that featured a camera. Whereas most cell-phone cameras today take pictures with 8.0 (or more) pixels of information, Diorio uses a camera that only records 0.3 pixels. He then redacts information from the photographs, reducing them to impressionistic, almost painterly, glimpses of everyday life. His photographs, like memories, are somewhat sentimental and grudgingly familiar. The images offer a chance to re- imagine the types of diverse scenes that we absorb but do not see."

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