'New on Snapchat, Music Videos' by BEN SISARIO in The New York Times

 Photo by: Sam Comen

Photo by: Sam Comen

"Over the last year, Josh Legg, an electronic musician who performs under the name Goldroom, has noticed a change in how his fans interact with him online. More have turned from Twitter to Snapchat, the mobile app on which short messages digitally self-destruct after a few seconds.

“It immediately transforms the conversation into something that’s much more intimate and appealing for both sides,” said Mr. Legg, 31. “Anything they say, they don’t have to worry about it going out to the public — and neither do I.”

This week, in a further embrace of the platform, Goldroom will release four music videos on Snapchat, made with the company’s involvement and shot in a way that takes advantage of how people hold their phones. Unlike virtually all music videos, TV shows and films, Goldroom’s videos will be in vertical, or “portrait,” format."

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