"To View or Not to View: Viral Internet Images" by Joanna Schroeder in The Huffington Post

"As you probably already know, Lenny Kravitz recently experienced a pretty extreme wardrobe malfunction. The 51-year-old rocker was wearing leather pants while performing in Stockholm, and during a particularly impassioned squat with his guitar, his pants ripped, resulting in his entire groin region being exposed. Yes, the whole block and tackle fell out, and people photographed it.

There are a lot of tricky factors to this case. As many have noted, it's somewhat similar to the time Apple's iCloud service was hacked and hundreds of celebrities (mostly women) had their private nude photos splashed all over the internet, including Jennifer Lawrence and Gabrielle Union. It's also similar to crotch-level paparazzi photos that caught Lindsay Lohan and Anne Hathaway sans panties. Many argue that Kravitz's case is different because he was on stage, and when you're on stage you recognize that there will be people snapping photos."

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