'Photography Just Can’t Make Up Its Mind About the Square' by JENNA GARRETT in WIRED

"Instagram’s DITCHING THE SQUARE , and everyone is freaking out. But the social network isn’t the first to champion the shape only to dump it later. Photography’s had an on-again, off-again relationship with the shape almost from the start.

Given that some 70 million photos are posted daily, that’s a lot of rectangles and circles and other shapes.

Instagram doesn’t offer any insightful, or especially compelling, arguments for embracing the 1:1 format. “Square is simple, it’s aesthetically pleasing, and it’s part of our DNA,” says product designer Christine Choi. Still, it’s not a surprise, given the app’s many nods to the bygone days of photography. The original Instagram logo all but mirrored the Polaroid OneStep SX‑70, for example. And there a plethora of filters make your pictures look like a Holga, or a Polaroid, or the washed-out photos every cheap camera of the 1970s made. Even as Instagram has revolutionized photography, it has nodded toward its roots."

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