'This Woman Is Recreating Famous Celebrity Instagram Posts To Prove A Very Good Point' by Stefan Armitage in Viral Thread

"Scrolling down your Instagram feed is a perfect way of looking at how glamorous everyone else’s life is compared to yours, and realising you have to live the rest of your life filled with jealousy.

And perhaps there are no other people on this planet that make us feel worse about ourselves than celebrities. All that money, all that fame, and all that respect. Yes, no matter how many selfies you take in your gym leggings, you’re just never going to enjoy the lifestyle of the rich and famous.

Although, when you really strip back the filters on many celebrity posts, you begin to realise to how pointless they really are, and you think to yourself, “Could these people get away with this if they were a normal person?” One person who is determined to make the world aware of just how much crap celebrities post on their timelines is comedienne, Celeste Barber, who has her own Instgram account, mocking the poses and pictures posted by celebs."

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